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Loading a lifting of the spirit not to be forgotten...

The only place where you can see the Sierra Nevada from a deserted beach on the Caribbean.

Experience the wild

We bring to you an experience beyond expectations. Forget traffic jams, rutine and traditional resorts. Go deep into the wild Guajira country side, go fishing with the local fishermen or kayak in the rivers nearby. Wind is perfect for Kitesurfing.


Enjoy the comfort of your cabin or fall asleep in one of the hammocks of your garden or terrace. Each one of our teak wood hand crafted cabins is characterized by their perfect organic harmony with the mangroves, the wind, the ocean and the sky.

Get close to La Guajira

Discover how a Guajira bag (mochila) is made, visit a Kogi indian village, bike or walk to the nearby towns (La Punta de los Remedios or Dibulla) to drink a beer or mix with the locals.



Each one of our teak wood cabins was built by local craftsmen. They are characterized by its perfect organic harmony with the mangroves, the wind, the ocean and the sky.



You will be able to rest in the company of your partner, your family or your friends.



Each cabin can accommodate up to four people.



Luxuries will be your comfort and our care in every detail.



Watch a bird go by or a twisted tree branch giving you shadow at the open shower of your cabin.



In our charming restaurant in front of the beach you will experience and enjoy our cuisine, created carefully integrating the ingredients available in the area.



Our menus are inspired by Mediterranean recipes and traditional Guajira dishes.



And they include delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes.



Walk barefoot on the beach and become one with nature and the waters that surround our Ecolodge.

La Guajira

La Guajira is located in the north of Colombia; it contains three natural parks, five indigenous groups and our Ecolodge. Its flora, its fauna, its wonderful culture and its mesmerizing beauty have turned La Guajira into a world tourist destination that must be visited.

Indigenous Groups

La Guajira is home to Wayus, Arhuacos, Kogis, Wiwas and Kankuamos, owners of great ancestral wisdom and outstanding artisans. With their hands they weave the iconic Wayu backpacks, beautiful hammocks and accessories with fibers that grow in their land.

La Sierra Nevada

Marvel at the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, one of the highest coastal mountains in the world, and host of the highest peak in Colombia: Christopher Columbus. On clear mornings, the Sierra looks out and can be seen from Awatawaa's beach.


Colombia has the greatest bird biodiversity in the world; it has around 1950 species. About 500 can be seen in La Guajira, and many of these rest in the Mamavita Swamp, our backyard.



You can have an aperitif in our bar while you enjoy the beach or watch the sunset over the Caribbean Sea, as the night arrives.



With all meals included, in Awatawaa you will be able to know the ancestral gastronomic tradition of La Guajira through carefully created dishes, with delicious vegan and vegetarian options.


Beach, Wind and Sea.

With 300 meters of beach and a calm sea at ideal temperature, you can enjoy a spectacular beach and a sea that invites to bathe.


Beach, Wind and Sea.

Walk along the beach while you see another unique sunset in our Ecolodge.



We offer different tours managed by specialized companies to know the indigenous cultures of Wayu, Kogi, Arhuaca, Wiwa and Kankuama groups: their beliefs, customs and rituals. Our invitation is to empathize with nature in hikes and boat tours by sea, rivers, waterfalls and the imposing Sierra Nevada.


Local Culture.

You will have the opportunity to get involved with the local culture through regional dance with a professional group that has won several national and international awards. Besides enjoying your show, they will teach you how to dance the main rhythms of the Colombian Caribbean coast.



Birdwatching is one of the main attractions of the area. In the bird season, you can be guided by natives who know the places very well, as well as local and migratory species.



In times of wind, you can raise your kites and practice kitesurfing on our beaches.


Awatawaa is located in La Punta de los Remedios, just 10 km away from Dibulla, in La Guajira. The trip by land from Santa Marta is 2 hours, and from Rioacha, 50 minutes.

If you are driving a 4x4 vehicle, you can park it in a private parking lot next to Awatawaa. If you are coming during rainy season, you can travel by boat from La Punta de los Remedios. We can also take care of coordinating your travel from wherever you are.

The experiences in Awatawaa

Traveller Review Awards

After only one year of operation, our average rating on Booking is 9.5. We are proud to have received this recognition and will remain committed to deliver a lifting of our guest's spirits.

Lisa-Marie, Germany

"Where do I start: When we arrived at Awatawaa Ecolodge I thought I was dreaming. The property is just beautiful and we felt like we were in paradise... The lodges are beautiful - super comfy beds with mosquito nets, as lights there candles in the cabin which add some kind of special atmosphere."

Ana, Colombia

"The location is spectacular!!! Cabins are very nice, comfortable and clean. The food is very good and the staff very attentive. It is a place to rest and disconnect in the midst of nature and landscape."

Astrid, Austria

"It is the perfect place to relax after a long journey... Really hard-working staff... totally delicious food and an incredibly relaxed atmosphere. Can only recommend it 😀😀"

Lydia, Germany

"We had a wonderful stay at Awatawaa! The cabins are brand new, beautiful, clean and very comfortable. The staff is amazing and the food delicious. Every day there was a different meal... The beach is super secluded, and the atmosphere unique..."

Daniela, Czech Rep.

"Very romantic location with the round-flowing river and the sea a stone's throw away. Absence of electrical lighting is topping it off very tastefully. Kitchen provided some of the best food we could sample in our pan-Colombian stay... Good internet connection in most of the resort...."

Cristina, Colombia

"Sinfonía bajo las estrellas. Todo. Es mágico. La naturaleza, la tranquilidad, las noches, la comida. Una experiencia inolvidable y ojalá repetible. Para quien se quiera desintoxicar del ajetreo de la ciudad y disfrutar de la naturaleza."

José, Switzerland

"- ¡La playa! - Bungalow muy bonito!! - La comida preparada en el lugar es demasiado buena - El personal es muy amable y cordial - Inés realmente tiene la sensación de hospitalidad (reserva las actividades con facilidad y con gusto)."

Catalina, Colombia

"We loved the location, it is practically a private beach. Rooms are beautiful, super rustic and cute, the food is delicious, their chef and staff have super customer service !! The super recommend to go as a couple."

Dorothea, Germany

"The most beautiful cabanas I‘ve ever seen. They are brand new and everything is made with love. Absolutely perfect to relax, calm down and hide from the world. Staff is super friendly and helpfull. I definitely would go back to this amazing place."


Discover the treasure we have built and the wonders that surround us. Rest in the hammock at the terrace and walk along the beach to see Awatawaa's birds, fishermen and sunsets.


Complete this form and we will contact you to help you plan your trip to La Guajira and to book your stay in Awatawaa.

A lifting of the spirit not to be forgotten.